Inverter based Power Backup Systems (PBSs)

We provide a wide range of Inverter-based Power Backup Systems (PBSs). We analyse the load requirement (power rating),  Battery requirement, evaluate the cabling & switch gear requirements,and estimate the installation time.

An Inverter Charger based Power Backup System incorporates essentially an Inverter Charger, Batteries, Cables and accessories. The picture above shows one of our PBS intallations. The parts displayed incudes: a Tripp Lite 6KW Inverter Charger, 8x12V/200Ah Gaston Batteries, a Battery Cabinet, a Battery Isolator Switch, a Battery Fuse, & Electrical Cabling.

The functions of the key components of the PBS are as follows:

1. Inverter Charger:

(i) to provide mains-level power (230-240 volts) by converting the battery voltage from DC to AC.

(ii) to re-charge the batteries after the mains returns.

The size (power rating) of the inverter must be sufficient to power all the equipment that is required to be on at the same time. 

2. Batteries

The batteries store the electrical energy, which will be converted to mains-level powere when the regular mains power has failed. The amount of energy stored in the batteries will determine the length of time that the power backup system can provide you with power backup.

3. Cabling & Accessories

The cabling & accessories enable the power backup system to be linked to the existing electrical system in a safe way. In particular, the sizes (ratings) of the cabling & switches must be such that they match the power going through them.