The MP3000 MKII Series of UPS units are an enhancement of the highly successful MP3000Series. The MP3000 MKII Series is more compact, quieter and incorporates an LED readout on a user-friendly redesigned front fascia.

The equipment is manufactured to very rigid quality control standards which ensure that the product meets the demanding needs of the computer industry in both critical areas of reliability and performance.
The user friendly design features of MP3000 MKII Series of UPS units are:
•    Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) design using IGBT power devices
•    Extremely rapid response to step loads
•    Ability to handle switch mode power supplies and other such loads (crest factor 3:1)
•    3-Phase units incorporating three single-phase bridges which allows total 100% unbalanced loads but still maintains very close individual phase voltage regulation
•    Advanced synchronizing circuit which eliminates hunting between mains and inverter
•    High overall efficiency
•    Extended back-up options are available
•    Designed for Genset compatibility.